November 08, 2020

Christ Recognizes Needs
Sunday Sermon

- Fr. Dcn.Tikhon Cobb -

Today on the 7th Sunday of Luke the Gospel reading comes to us from Luke 8:41-56. Therein we hear about two miracles performed by Jesus for people who approached Him in humility and faith. Our country is currently suffering from a pandemic that has hurt us socially, politically and economically. Fr. Deacon Tikhon shares with us a message of hope that the miracles performed by Christ in today’s Gospel met the needs of two very different people and were used to inspire the disciples as He sent them out to use their gifts to bring hope and peace to the world. Jairus a powerful, popular ruler of the synagogue humbles himself and comes to Jesus with a specific and urgent need because his daughter is dying. Veronica or the woman with an issue of blood was humbled for twelve years by a condition that made her an outcast both religiously and socially. In each encounter with Christ they receive healing because He recognizes and meets their needs. The two miracles are a compliment to each other because in each they came forward with humility, faith and urgent need. Christ gave healing, hope and peace to Jairus and Veronica and in our time of suffering He will do the same. May we be as inspired by the miracles in today’s Gospel as the disciples and bring hope and peace to the people God has put in our lives.

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Photography Credits: Beth Hontzas - Music: Presbytera Katerina Makiej