January 29, 2019

Small Groups

- Alexis Pappas -

Neighborhood Small Groups are kicking off

Thursday, January 24th A group began meeting in the Redmont area at Dr. George Thomas’ house at 6:30 p.m. The group is reading a classic book by Anthony Bloom: Beginning to Pray. Books are available at the study. Registration will close on Thursday, Feb 7th.  

(Registration closed) Tuesday, February 5th A group begins in the Altadena area at Alycia and Jack White’s house at 6:30 p.m. The group will cover Fr. Barnabas Powell’s A Journey to Fullness series.  Bill Gulas is leading.

Wednesdays, beginning on February 6th, a Mom’s Prayer Group will meet at noon, alternating between Liberty Park (2/6 at Michelle Kolettis’) and Vestavia (2/13 at Fanoula Gulas’).

To register for one of these groups email Denise (cathedral@holytrinity-holycross.org). Questions about small groups?  Contact Alexis (apappas@holytrinity-holycross.org)

Other Small Groups

Young Adult Group is for college age up through age 30, meeting together periodically for activities.

ANASTASI is an addiction support group, meeting every other week in the Cathedral offices. Anastasi is not only for people addicted to drugs and alcohol, it is for those who might not have had this struggle themselves but who have seen and suffered with children, parents, spouses, or friends who have had this struggle. Central to this group is the understanding that we ALL have passions, we all have struggles, and that whether our addiction is to alcohol, food, pornography, gossip, or entertainment we have hope and strength when we come together with one another, the saints, the Mother of God, and above all, Christ! Who is ANASTASI for? Everyone!

A Cloud of Witnesses: Grief Support Group is a newly formed group, with plans to meet monthly.

Our parish has experienced the loss of many, many beloved people.  What happens when someone passes away?  Can they hear my prayers?  Are they still suffering? When will I ever feel good again? 

Many questions swirl in our minds which confuse, distract and sadden us.  It is said that time is the only antidote to grief.  However the Church has the perfect response: 

There is a commonplace expression in Western theology of the Church Triumphant and the Church Militant – making a two-storey distinction between our lives here and the saints’ lives elsewhere. However, the teaching of the Church as found in her Creeds, clearly states that the Church is “One.” “Christ is not divided,” St. Paul taught. Thus the “cloud of witnesses” that surround us, not only cheer for us, but participate in our struggle. They are not made perfect or complete apart from us, but we are not made perfect apart from them. The perfection we have in Christ is one perfection – Christ Himself, the “author and finisher” of our faith.      Father Steven Freeman   

Please join us once a month as we join together to discuss grief, loss and healing with Christ's love. 

And YES, more small groups are forming! If you don't see one offered in your area, or in your area of interest, contact Alexis.

Alexis Pappas was raised in Dalton, Georgia and attended Holy Annunication Greek Orthodox Church in Chattanooga, Tennessee. A graduate of University of Alabama (1993), Al

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Photography Credits: Beth Hontzas - Music: Presbytera Katerina Makiej


Alexis Pappas was raised in Dalton, Georgia and attended Holy Annunication Greek Orthodox Church in Chattanooga, Tennessee. A graduate of University of Alabama (1993), Alexis has a master’s degree in Business Administration and Health Services Administration from the University of Alabama at Birmingham(1996). Alexis began working at the Cathedral in 2009 as an Interim Youth Director. She has stayed on staff assisting with youth programs, church school, inquirer’s class and in various roles supporting the parish and clergy. Alexis is married to Dr. Peter Pappas and they have two children, Stav and Eli. Alexis loves to read, workout, travel to Montana, spend time with her family and is learning bee keeping. Her favorite part about working at the Cathedral is all the friends that she has made and getting to know new comers.